Production Technologies

From inception to production, our professional engineering team supports every stage of the process from early prototype design all the way through to mass production. Our services also include product enhancement and optimization aimed at improving the efficiency of the manufacturing process and reducing the required costs.

We specialize in product development for a variety of industries; the tech industry, electronics, medical devices, security and defense. Our range of expertise covers every aspect from selection of raw materials to geometric design along with integration of parts to the full assembly, allowing us to be fast and efficient.

Our engineering services enable comprehensive solutions for the design and development of various plastic products, internal parts and components, packaging, software design for CNC machines and others - from production of prototypes, all the way to mass production.

Double Injection

Double Injection Double injection is an innovative manufacturing process used to produce complex molded parts from two different materials; for example, combining hard and soft materials, transparent and sealed materials. Double injection production offers many advantages, including eliminating the need for adhesion of different parts and elements in the product. The Maalot Plastics division, a part of the Zriha Group, provides customers with advanced services in the field of plastics such as molding, injection molding, assembly, paint and print. The division operates in...

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Overmold Injection Overmolding is the process of adding an additional layer of material over an already existing piece or part. Using this technology, it is possible to inject different types of materials, for example hard and soft, transparent and sealed, in two different stages.  

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Insert Molding, Electrode Overmolding

Metal injection molding (insert molding, electrode injection) Our production capabilities enable metal injection such as: inserts, electrodes, special alloys and more. These options provide sophisticated solutions for the combination of plastic parts with mechanical or electronic systems.  

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Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasonic Welding This technology allows the welding of two plastic parts, eliminating the need for screws or adhesive, thus resulting in a more aesthetic and efficient product.  

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Laser Welding

Laser welding An innovative technology that enables the welding of two parts using a laser. It requires the use of expensive equipment, not commonly available.  

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Printing - Digital printing, Tampon, Silk Screen

Our printing capabilities encompass all technologies: laser, tampon, silkscreen.  Plastic is a remarkable material with a variety of uses but printing on it requires special skills and techniques. Digital printing provides speed, accuracy and durability over time and in different environmental conditions. The pad printing technique was invented decades ago and has undergone rapid changes since then. It enables printing on uneven surfaces - straight or round. Over the years, with the development of the silicone the pad, this technique has become one of the most commonly used methods in...

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Painting - Conductive, Metalic, By RAL, PANTONE

Painting – (paint conduction, masking, matting, coloring, RAL, PANTONE) Painting plastic parts requires skilled precision and proper adhesion between the color and plastic. In addition, the quality of the paint material is important for both the quality and the visibility of the finished product. Through the integration of robotics, automation, clean rooms and advanced equipment, along with choice of colors and custom processes, we provide the best solutions.

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Coatings Using this technology, it is possible to obtain plastic parts with a metallic finish, resulting in a glossy, prestigious, high-quality appearance. Commonly used for vehicle parts, medical devices as well as for bathrooms.  

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Water Transfer Print A special technology that enables the enhancement of the product by transferring special decorations onto the surface (car panels, decorative or luxury consumer products).  

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