Engineering and Mold Development

Plastic molding is a complex process that requires a unique combination of skills and professionalism. We consider it a craft that integrates engineering and development. Sunrise Engineering consists of a team of expert developers, who have produced thousands of molds over the years.

Providing services to our customers starts with presenting the initial plan, with consideration of even the smallest detail. The process continues in accordance with the specification, features and final purpose.

Following that, the plans are shared with our team of experts for potential additional insights and advice. A first mold may then be produced (our T1 - Test One).

The mold production process and plastic injection is conducted under close supervision by the company's experts. The customer may select among several options, for manufacturing in Israel or China, or in both. The decision is usually made based on timelines and level of urgency or considering the target audience.

We work together with our customers, every step of the way, to ensure our production is their next success.


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Software compatibility with prototype design files in xt format 
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