Plastic Injection Molded Automotive Parts

Surprising as it may sound, plastics play a key role in the automotive industry.

Its use saves energy and increases safety.

Can you imagine - the use of plastic enables the replacement of about 1,000 kg of traditional materials in the automotive industry with only 100 kg of plastic! What’s the result?

A significant reduction in fuel consumption and huge reduction in oil consumption that directly leads to a decrease in carbon dioxide emissions, thus contributing to significantly less air pollution and damage.

Throughout the world, plastic has a profound impact on the automotive industry in terms of innovation, efficiency and environmental protection.

What is our contribution?

With vast experience in NPI processes and transitioning to FAI manufacturing, we produce a variety of accessories, from parts to autonomous vehicles (using LIDAR technology) and vehicle assemblies such as thermostats, battery covers, headlights, bumpers.

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