Prototype Service

The production of prototypes (models) is one of the most fundamental stages in product development. Prototype production is intended to demonstrate an idea and assess its functionality, practicality, and the costs required. The Sunrise prototype department recognizes the importance of producing high-quality, accurate prototypes that simulate the final product, allowing customers to examine it in the most accurate and efficient manner.

The production of prototypes is in fact, a preliminary phase in the production of a mold designed for mass production. The possibility of producing a prototype spares our customer the financial investment required in the production of the mold and enables us to implement improvements and changes early on in the process.

For these reasons and more, we have established a dedicated department whose sole purpose is to serve our clients, as part of the overall engineering consulting services, from early design and planning stages all the way through to mass production.

Sunrise's CNC department ensures that customers are provided with the highest level of finish for their products, stringent quality assurance and control, along with choice of materials according to customer requirements or the recommendation of the engineering team, in order to provide innovative solutions to the most challenging products.

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