Plastic Mold Consultation

Plastic injection mold consulting

The plastics industry is, undoubtedly, amongst the most thriving in Israel.

With an annual turnover of NIS 5 billion, this industry is home to 23,000 employees in Israel.  A variety of products used in daily domestic life are made of plastic in different configurations.

The process of plastic production is initiated with the manufacturing of a durable metal mold, into which the plastic is injected until the final product is produced. The production of plastic molds is therefore the first step towards creating a product.

Sunrise Engineering is a leading company in the field of plastics and has been a key player in the plastics industry for almost 50 years.

The company was founded by Mr. Baruch Hlavin in 1967 and has since been the partner of choice for leading companies such as Elbit, HP, Johnson & Johnson and others.

From concept to manufacturing, we provide the full spectrum of services for plastic injection molding products, all under one roof - starting from the design, mold and prototype production to the development, assembly and manufacturing.  

We use the most innovative machines and advanced computerized programs.

The company's team of engineers work both in Israel and in China and the production process is carried out together with the customer, throughout the various stages.


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