Industrial Robots

A variety of industries have already discovered the benefits of integrating plastics into their production processes, compared to the sole usage of metals.

This trend, which is becoming extremely popular, is known as “metal-to-plastic conversion.”

The use of plastic provides many advantages – it reduces weight of parts, improves overall strength and corrosion resistance and enables combination of several metal parts in one plastic unit.

Not only does plastic offer a similar level of stiffness and strength, it does not require additional secondary operations, thus saving both time and money.

Plastic injection processes provide speed and efficiency in production, which are easily translated into cost savings.

In the fields of robotics and automation plastic production is very common.

Our production of robotics is diverse and exciting – including the manufacturing of robots for the solar and medical industry, robots for automatic warehousing, all the way to robotic pool cleaning, gardening and lawn mowing.

The future is closer than we think…


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