Model's Production

Production of prototypes

The production of models is one of the most fundamental stages in product development. Model production is intended to demonstrate an idea and assess its functionality, practicality, and the costs required. The Sunrise model production department recognizes the importance of producing high-quality, accurate models that simulate the final product, allowing customers to examine the product in the most accurate and efficient manner. The production of models is in fact, a preliminary phase in the production of a mold designed for serial production. The possibility of producing models spares our customer...

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CNC Milling

In the process of CNC milling plastic blocks are molded into the final product configuration in accordance with the desired geometry. We offer a wide range of raw materials in this technology including: ABS, PC, ABS + PC, PP, PA, POM. Depending on the complexity of the product, supplementary technologies may be involved to create the final product, for example: the use of adhesives, welding techniques and surface treatment, in order to fully simulate the final product. Additionally, we offer finishes such as print, color and surface quality.  

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Vacuum casting in silicone molds

The casting of parts and series in silicon molds is one of our broad areas of activity. Using this method, a master product is created, through which a silicon mold is produced. Utilising this process, each silicon mold can produce up to 25 identical pieces consecutively, saving time and cost. Simply put, this technology enables the production of large parts such as car bumpers, and very pieces.   In this field too, our capabilities are extensive: polyurethane rubber parts with numerous degrees of stiffness, casting of silicon parts, casting of transparent parts and casting of very large...

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Rapid production

Using rapid production, we can provide solutions for production of a relatively large number of parts (tens of units). This method is intended for initial assessment and/or rapid examination of the market – prior to investing in the production of a mold for mass production.

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Transparent parts

Our special expertise is manufacturing transparent parts, which we produce in three technologies according to the model's utilization: 1. Milling - from PC and PMMA materials, in addition to a unique chemical process for improving transparency. 2. Casting in silicone molds - of the transparent material. 3. Three-dimensional printing - of the transparent material which resembles ABS. We produce transparent parts which are of high quality and finish! Additionally, we offer finishes such as prints, color and surface quality.

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