Plastic Mold Manufacturing in the Far East

Mold production in the far east - Production in China

The thriving Israeli plastic industry has a solid reputation and is renowned for expert engineers that are considered world leaders in their field.

This industry also works in collaboration with countries in the Far East. 

The production of plastic molds is usually designed and planned in Israel, after which it may be shared with our experts in the Far East.

Sunrise’s team of experts consists of both Israeli and Chinese engineers, with the aim of providing our customers the best possible service.

We implement a double-check system for plastic mold production. Following the initial product specification and at the end of the preliminary research, our development and engineering department consolidates a plan for the production of plastic molds in the East. The programs are then sent to China for further review and potential advice.

Only after ensuring full satisfaction and receiving the customer’s approval, do we move to mass production.

Our collaboration with factories in China is based on long-term business relations, numerous successful projects, trust and appreciation.




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