Plastic Mold Production

Plastic mold production

The production of plastic molds is one of the essential steps in a process that starts with an idea and ends in an actual product.

The plastics industry is, undoubtedly, amongst the most thriving in Israel.

With an annual turnover of NIS 5 billion, this industry is home to 23,000 employees in Israel. 

Production of plastic molds should be entrusted to the hands of recognized experts.

To further demonstrate the importance of that – many clients don’t realize that even in the early production stages, it’s possible to influence efficiency and resources.

Sunrise Engineering has been specializing in the manufacture of plastic products for 50 years, during which we have provided extensive services to leading companies, both in the private and public sector and to a variety of industries.

Our team of experts are happy to support and advise from concept to manufacture and everything in between, all the way to mass production, whether conducted in Israel or China.


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