Planning a prototype

One of the essential early steps in plastic production, is the design of a plastic mold for the prototype.

This is the first time that the engineering design will turn into an actual product and be tested in practice. A prototype is the customer's initial encounter with the future product. Often, plans for the manufacturing of plastic products can look very impressive on paper, but prototypes may reveal unseen barriers to the construction process and the entire project.

Prototype production provides the customer with an added advantage - it presents a simulation of the actual product manufacturing process. During the process, the client is exposed to the manufacture of plastic molds, becomes acquainted with the manufacturing teams, and involved with the selection and performance of the raw materials, all of which will bring benefits for the client following prototype production. 

If you intend to obtain a patent for your product, it is recommended to produce a prototype before the application. It’s important to realize that the process of prototype production requires a good product-market match, in terms of the engineering, technology, market and business needs.



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