Plastic Mold Manufacturing in Israel

Prototype Production at Sunrise Engineering

Sunrise Engineering has been specializing in the manufacture of plastic products for 50 years. We have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing prototype molds prior to moving to large-scale plastic injections. To carry out the work professionally, we meticulously work on all required stages - from meeting with our client to fully learn about the intended purpose and conducting preliminary research, to the provision of expert advice, guidance and sharing of best practices.

The prototype is manufactured to match the final product, including design, decorative coloring, mechanical assembly and more. Designing a plastic mold for prototype production may be part of a broader process of industrial production, or for the purpose of assessing an initial idea before making future production decisions.

Sunrise Engineering provides its customers with both the services and professional support to ensure a flawless process from concept to manufacturing.


Plastic mold design and its impact on production

The molding design has a significant impact on the future product. For example, the thickness of the product's walls in the mold can affect durability over time and a round design of the mold corners (depending on the material injected) will affect the life span of the final product.

Our experts are happy to provide you with extensive mold design services that will optimize your production while addressing your timelines and budget.


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