Plastic Mold Design

Plastic mold planning

Plastic mold design and planning are amongst the most important and critical steps in the production of a plastic mold. During this stage, our team of experts and engineers are translating our customers’ ideas into real products.

The product production plan is composed of multiple considerations such as precise understanding of customer’s needs, the ideal materials to select for production, the number of planned injections, the required level of precision, integration of decorative coloring, mechanical assembly and more.

Sunrise Engineering has been leading the field of plastics for almost 50 years now.

The company's vice president, Mr. Itay Lahav, is renowned as a leading expert in the field of plastics and is a sought-after lecturer in academic courses and global conferences.

This unique expertise inspires, and characterizes, the conduct of our company's employees; engineers, designers, portfolio managers and production workers.

Our team of experts support our clients throughout the process while ensuring Mr. Lahav is informed and involved. We prioritize required product enhancements, improvements and repairs. 

Our customer's aspiration and needs are translated by the company's engineers into prototypes and products that are designed and produced in either Israel or China or a combination of both.


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