Plastic molds

Ever since our establishment, almost 50 years ago, we have believed that optimizing the effectiveness of plastic mold production, necessitates full understanding of both the product features and the customer requirements.

We believe plastic molding is a task that should be entrusted to experts in the field.

The process of producing plastic molding consists of multiple phases, each of which is significant to the final product. Undoubtedly, accurate and professional work results in a significant reduction in production costs and contributes to the product’s durability.

The design and planning of plastic molds is far from being trivial. It is the crafting of a product that combines durability and precision to meet the customer's requirements. Simply put, high-quality plastic molds enable even the company’s 100,000 injection product, to be identical to the first.

Why Sunrise Engineering?

Our team consists of dedicated experts who have a breadth of expertise in the most advanced technologies the world has to offer.

Furthermore, we provide our customers with the complete mold design service, based on market familiarity and years of experience with needs and trends. We have many satisfied customers throughout the world and can provide professional and reliable services for diverse requirements.

Our experts can turn any of your great ideas into a final product, whether you desire a prototype or mass production.

We work in collaboration with the company's branch in China, where a team of engineers work on our behalf for the benefit of the customer. The company's experts support the customer from the concept to the final product. Additionally, we provide auxiliary services such as double injection, mass production in the Far East, production of initial injection units in China for immediate marketing (while allowing for continuous production in Israel), repairs as required, decorative and/or mechanical coloring, mechanical assembly and more.

Our esteemed customers include leading companies in the market, such as Elbit, BioSens, Motorola, HP and others.


Plastic Mold Design

Plastic mold planning Plastic mold design and planning are amongst the most important and critical steps in the production of a plastic mold. During this stage, our team of experts and engineers are translating our customers’ ideas into real products. The product production plan is composed of multiple considerations such as precise understanding of customer’s needs, the ideal materials to select for production, the number of planned injections, the required level of precision, integration of decorative coloring, mechanical assembly and more. Sunrise Engineering has been leading...

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Engineering and Mold Development

Plastic molding is a complex process that requires a unique combination of skills and professionalism. We consider it a craft that integrates engineering and development. Sunrise Engineering consists of a team of expert developers, who have produced thousands of molds over the years. Providing services to our customers starts with presenting the initial plan, with consideration of even the smallest detail. The process continues in accordance with the specification, features and final purpose. Following that, the plans are shared with our team of experts for potential additional insights and advice....

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Plastic Mold Consultation

Plastic injection mold consulting The plastics industry is, undoubtedly, amongst the most thriving in Israel. With an annual turnover of NIS 5 billion, this industry is home to 23,000 employees in Israel.  A variety of products used in daily domestic life are made of plastic in different configurations. The process of plastic production is initiated with the manufacturing of a durable metal mold, into which the plastic is injected until the final product is produced. The production of plastic molds is therefore the first step towards creating a product. Sunrise Engineering is a leading...

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Planning a prototype One of the essential early steps in plastic production, is the design of a plastic mold for the prototype. This is the first time that the engineering design will turn into an actual product and be tested in practice. A prototype is the customer's initial encounter with the future product. Often, plans for the manufacturing of plastic products can look very impressive on paper, but prototypes may reveal unseen barriers to the construction process and the entire project. Prototype production provides the customer with an added advantage - it presents a simulation of the actual...

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Plastic Mold Production

Plastic mold production The production of plastic molds is one of the essential steps in a process that starts with an idea and ends in an actual product. The plastics industry is, undoubtedly, amongst the most thriving in Israel. With an annual turnover of NIS 5 billion, this industry is home to 23,000 employees in Israel.  Production of plastic molds should be entrusted to the hands of recognized experts. To further demonstrate the importance of that – many clients don’t realize that even in the early production stages, it’s possible to influence efficiency and resources. Sunrise...

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Plastic Mold Manufacturing in Israel

Prototype Production at Sunrise Engineering Sunrise Engineering has been specializing in the manufacture of plastic products for 50 years. We have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing prototype molds prior to moving to large-scale plastic injections. To carry out the work professionally, we meticulously work on all required stages - from meeting with our client to fully learn about the intended purpose and conducting preliminary research, to the provision of expert advice, guidance and sharing of best practices. The prototype is manufactured to match the final product, including...

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Plastic Mold Manufacturing in the Far East

Mold production in the far east - Production in China The thriving Israeli plastic industry has a solid reputation and is renowned for expert engineers that are considered world leaders in their field. This industry also works in collaboration with countries in the Far East.  The production of plastic molds is usually designed and planned in Israel, after which it may be shared with our experts in the Far East. Sunrise’s team of experts consists of both Israeli and Chinese engineers, with the aim of providing our customers the best possible service. We implement a double-check system...

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