Plastic parts production for defense and military industries

Owing to its unique properties, the use of plastics is ideal for many products in the security industry. Plastic enables the same uniform, reliable production over time. It is also lightweight and exceptionally durable. For example, modern Airbus uses carbon fiber reinforced plastic (instead of metal), resulting in significant overall weight reduction that contributes to higher speed, substantial fuel savings and decreased operating costs.

We are proud to be the partner of choice for leading companies in the defense and military industries such as Elbit and Rafael, as well as for esteemed companies with smaller production volumes and budgets.

We manufacture missiles and missile parts, aircrafts and helicopter parts, accessories, helmets, armored personnel carriers, weapons and so much more.

We manufacture in our plants in Israel and/or Taiwan, using the most advanced plastic injection materials that may, as required, replace metal parts and composite materials.

Sunrise division is certified for production and inspection and complies with military standards.





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